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Becoming Mommom
  I am wondering about grand parenting, how will I do? Are there rules? Recommendations? I feel I am still[...]
6 years ago I received a birthday gift from my parents – it was the generous birthday check I received[...]
Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Good.
My mom (pictured here with me) used to say she just wants all of her children to be healthy and[...]
Birthdays and Funerals
I've always thought how interesting that on the very same day of someone's happiest moments another person is struggling with[...]
Positivity ~ How To Reframe Your Day
I do find it funny sometimes that we as individuals can easily identify negative people. However, we often do not[...]
Helicopters & Parenting
If you're in the middle of the ocean with no flippers and no life preserver and you hear a helicopter,[...]
A Day in the Life of a Mom
As my children are getting older (and so am I), motherhood seems to be defined in so many different ways.[...]
I talk a great deal about expectations. Working within a field filled with unknowns, we experience heightened expectations as well[...]

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