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Everyone who has every worked with me knows that I dislike “titles.” In fact, I am awfully superstitious when it comes to name plates on my desk or a title on my door. I don’t mind if others have them but outside of business cards, I really don’t like having my name and title around. Well, that becomes quite challenging for someone in my position, as it is important to stand by your organization and show qualified and passionate leadership.  When I started Adoption STAR, I didn’t mind the title of founder, but after a couple of years, the licensing authority intervened and insisted I take the title of Executive Director. Years later, it was changed to CEO… I like the abbreviation better. Honestly, there is only one title that I love to claim and no surprise here, it is MOM. It is a name I dreamed of, a name I worked for and a name I hold with such admiration. It makes me aspire to be better every day. There are 2 billion mothers in the world and 85.4 million of them are in the United States.  (Source.)  I know that they are not referred to as Mom, but somehow I am guessing that the majority of them are. So it is not a very unique name, but it is one I will never take for granted.

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I have always loved to write. Since I am a little girl I found writing an incredible outlet. I find that I am best at sharing emotions, skills and lessons by putting them in writing. One day I hope to write a book but in the meantime, I write for pleasure. I also don’t mind writing policies and procedures, and love work projects that entail research, writing and editing. Most of my writing will never be seen as I write notes or articles just for myself. This Blog is my attempt to share some of what I have learned and am learning along the way… as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother.

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